Needham: The Cider Craft with Austin Eastciders -- Saturday, Feb. 25, 3-5 pm

Loved by cider drinkers and non-cider drinkers,
Austin Dry Ciders are crafted with “bittersweet and bittersharp apple varieties” -
the apples that are grown only for cider
The result? - drier, smoother and more complex than many modern hard ciders.
This is back-to-the-roots, Johnny Appleseed-heritage cider:
“Such a delicious cider…absolute perfection”
“the best #*@% thing I have ever had” “I fell in love”

Braintree: The Cocktail Craft with Taconic Bourbon -- Saturday, February 25, 1-3 pm

Taconic Bourbons offer “subtle and sophisticated” sipping with a finish that is “pleasant and warm.” Join us for this week’s Bin Ends Cocktail Craft.

Needham: The Cocktail Craft with Grand Ten's S. Boston Irish Whiskey -- Friday, February 24, 4-6 pm

Join us for a sip ‘o Irish
and sample a delicious cocktail or two
with this distilled-in-Ireland whiskey
“Creamy…smooth finish with some lingering oak”